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New Treatments: Clinical trials on Medytox, Volite, PDT for Acne, NuEra for body tightening, CORE for vaginal therapy  

Dr. Alexiades always reinvests in the practice with cutting edge technologies, in keeping with her highest standards of excellence.

1. NuEra

New highly effective body tightening and sculpting device, reduces waist size tightens skin as it reduces fat. 

2. PRP

Derived from your own blood, customized rejuvenation for your skin and hair.

3. Melanoma Detecting Technologies

Two new technologies for melanoma detection being introduced to the practice now:

Triage Skin


4. Enlighten, Cutera 

The Picosecond laser that more effectively treats brown spots, rejuvenates skin and removes tattoos of all colors. 

5. Profound, Candela

FDA approval for wrinkles, cellulite and new research to treat crepe wrinkles on arms, legs and bra area, Dr. Alexiades pioneered this microneedle radiofrequency alternative to the facelift that builds collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid for the best results without surgery. click​

6. Legend Pro, Lumenis
Three times the strength and efficiency in skin tightening for the jawline and neck without downtime.

7. CORE, Candela

Fractional carbon dioxide laser, best in class, for treatment of wrinkles and other areas under investigation by Dr. Alexiades for Women's Health.​​

8. Voluderm, Microneedle RF and Actives Delivery

Microneedling that produces long-term improvement in skin texture and wrinkles by combining with RF and delivery of Dr Macrene's patented Macrene Actives.

9. Excel V​, Cutera

The most up to date treatment for broken capillaries and redness at face and legs.  Gone are the days where numerous treatments are needed to handle this common problem. click

10. Genesis & Picogenesis, Cutera

Favorite treatments that provide immediate glow and wrinkle reduction that lasts; my new advent of the Picoenesis version of this treatment for buttery skin. click

11. CoolSculpting Updates

Effective non-invasive treatment removes 25% of fat in the handpiece removed after a single treatment. We have new handpieces and faster treatment. 2020. click

12. Clearlift

Dr. Alexiades featured on Dr. Oz, fractional non-ablative laser; no pain and no downtime for ridding crepey wrinkles. click

13. High Powered IPL

Advanced IPL treats sun damage and skin aging in half the number of treatments, proven to keep yours skin young when done annually. click​.

14. Thermi Va 

Novel painless no down-time RFs for female genitorurinary symptoms.

15. Intragen and Intracel

Novel painless no down-time RFs for excellent results.

16. Infrared Light (NIR), Alma

Tighten skin without pain or downtime; non-invasive treatment for skin sagging around the jawline, lower face, eyelids and neck. click

17. Kybella

Quick injectable fat dissolving treatment for under the chin fat. Dr. Macrene was a Principle Investigator for its FDA approval.
18. Fractional Resurfacing

Dr. Alexiades offers multiple fractional resurfacing treatments, including CO2, Erbium, RF, Pearl, & Nd:YAG . The best and most effective all-around treatment for wrinkles and photo aging.

19. Novel Laser Hair Removal

Prove treatment down to 1/3 the time and works on resistant fine hairs that other devices leave behind. click​

20. V beam Perfecta

To treat rosacea and broken capillaries to perfection.

21. Ameluz Red Light

Novel PDT regiment to treat actinic keratosis and acne.


And dozens more technologies

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